"Incredible Mandy" to Traverse Dreams on PC and Nintendo Switch

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Wed Jul 25, 2018 11:20 pm

Developer Dotoyou Games and publisher Circle Entertainment have announced that the in-development puzzle platforming adventure Incredible Mandy has found a second home on the Nintendo Switch, in addition to releasing for PC. With eight planned dreamworlds to explore, the game follows the tale two siblings. After surviving a tragic accident, Mandy enters dreams to look for memories and overcome her fears. Her brother, who lost his right hand in the accident and can now summon the Excalibur of Light in the dreamworld to take its place, will try to keep Mandy safe.

Throughout the game, players will traverse the dreamworld and use the Excalibur of Light to solve puzzles and defeat the enemies that are guarding the memories Mandy is looking for. As of yet, there has been no release date announced, outside of a late 2018 listing on Steam, but Dotoyou Games have released some screenshots and an environmental trailer, both viewable below, as well as a free downloadable demo on Steam.

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