Namco Museum [Switch]

Do you also play with non-PlayStation devices? Do you enjoy playing as a plumber saving a princess? Or some bald marines? Or maybe you want to play using the touchscreen?
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Destruction Derby
Destruction Derby
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Fri May 26, 2017 12:52 am

Akala ko same games from previous platforms. May mga bagong nasali sa set na ito. Nandito rin kaya yung Mappy?

The famous arcades are back as NAMCO MUSEUM arrives exclusively on the Nintendo Switch in Summer 2017! It will include PAC-MAN™, DIG DUG™, THE TOWER OF DRUAGA™, SKYKID™, GALAGA™, GALAGA ’88 ™. ROLLING THUNDER™, ROLLING THUNDER 2™, SPLATTERHOUSE™, TANK FORCE™.
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