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Sennheiser Store (Singapore)
I tried some open-back headphones, HD599, HD600, HD650 at the Sennheiser store in Singapore, since they were on sale last month. I think they're at their best for acoustic. I was disappointed with the highs, since it felt like they were 'capped' compared to my ATH-LS200is and ATH-MSR7. It didn't sound veiled, it was like they hit a wall/limit and then that's the max they could go to.

I wasn't able to test the HD600 & HD650 with songs I'm familiar with, since they needed required an amp, so I tested them using the songs on their set-up in the shop.

E-earphones (ÅŒsaka)
Earlier this year, I went to e-earphones (audiophile heaven) in ÅŒsaka. I first tried the Campfire Audio Comet with ballad, acoustic and strings, and the detail was sooooo good that I wanted to buy it. The sound of the bass paired with my player was also the one that I was looking for. That was until I played some 'band' songs. I've read online that the Comet doesn't sound good if there are a number of instruments, but I thought there was no way that it would sound worse than my LS200. Well, I was wrong. It sounded like a mess.

I then tried to play hard-rock and post-hardcore songs on the other CA earphones - Solaris/Polaris (not sure), Jupiter and Andromeda. I didn't like the bass on the first two. The only thing I remember from the Andromeda was that it sounded like the bass was coming from behind my legs. It also sounded weird.

After that, I tried the same songs on several other earphones, until I found the Shure SE425. The bass on the SE425 was close to what I was looking for, so I tried the SE535 and d*mn this is what I wanted from the bass when it comes to hard-rock, post-hardcore, metalcore. But there were some issues. The first problem was that the bass was too strong and there's not much detail in the midrange when playing ballad and acoustic songs. The second issue is that it costs around JPY50,000. There's no way I was gonna buy this just for playing the other end of my musical preference.
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Nice review there. I do not have a lot of experience in using headphones but this is something to think about if ever I get one.
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I've been using my Behringer 302USB for almost 5 years now as my "headphone AMP+DAC" and I am very happy with it. But I fear I might not be able to use it as a "sound card" when the time comes when I need to move to Windows 10 for the lack of proper drivers. This video showed me some of the headphone AMP+DACs to consider. Do note that if your board's sound chip is "decent", then you probably don't need this.

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