One Piece: Grand Cruise [VR]

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Wed Dec 06, 2017 4:40 am

One Piece: Grand Cruise (PlayStation VR)

The game’s genre, release date, and price have yet to be announced.
The game’s content is also yet to be announced, but screenshots in the magazine show exploration of a ship. This is only a guess, but perhaps it is a game where you interact with your crewmates?
A special demo of the game will be playable by up to eight users at once at the “Tokyo One Piece Tower” event in Tokyo Tower on July 22.
The official website will be available herewhen it opens. ... -announced


One Piece: Grand Cruise launches 2018 in Japan

One Piece: Grand Cruise will launch digitally for PlayStation VR in Japan in 2018, the latest issue of Weekly Jump reveals.

The “pirate experience action” game will feature a shooting battle against a Kraken, as well as a mode where you can talk to Nami in her room and make dialogue choices. It also appears that you can train with Zoro and go to Chopper’s room. ... 2018-japan


One Piece: Grand Cruise details Zoro and Chopper communication events, Kraken encounter

■ New Zoro and Chopper Communication Events

Through communication events with the Straw Hat Pirates, which allow you to get even closer to them, you can feel the presence of the characters before your very eyes. So far, we have seen that Luffy will appear when you start your adventure, and that you can witness events with Sanji in the kitchen and with Nami in her room.

This time, we are providing a look at screenshots of communication events with Zoro on the ship deck and Chopper in the medical office. You may even be able to witness Zoro’s training and Chopper’s medical examinations up close!

■ Depending on the Player’s Reaction, the Straw Hat Pirates’ Reactions Will Change

During communication events, not only will you be able to see the Straw Hat Pirates up close, they will also talk to the you. By answering their questions, their reactions will change. As an apprentice pirate of the Straw Hat Pirates, you can enjoy a pirate experience full of presence.

■ A Giant Kraken Appears Before the Player’s Eyes

A new enemy appears in the form of a Kraken that attacks the Thousand Sunny. The Kraken will swoop down on you with its arms, and you must skillfully shoot at it with cannons to repel the giant enemy. ... -encounter


Debut trailer
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