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Will you buy a PS4K at launch?

Yes, Day 1
Yes, but not day 1, I might get when it becomes cheaper
Yes, but when I get a better TV
No, i still have a PS4
Nah, ps4pro what?!
No, i'd rather wait for PS5
Total votes: 42
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Wed Oct 04, 2017 3:20 pm ... 0-features
PS4 Pro model CUH-7100 is a minor update
The format holder has changed the model number for its Jet Black PS4 Pro, switching from SKU CUH-7000 to CUH-7100. The upcoming PS4 Pro Monster Hunter World SKU will also feature this change in model number.

4Gamer (via DualShockers) contacted Sony of Japan and Asia, who confirmed that the changes were due to some internal components being updated.

These changes are within Sony’s usual practices, with any changes in PS4 hardware having no influence on the look and performance of the system.

As such, owners of the PS4 Pro CUH-7000 model have no reason for concern, as their console won’t be made irrelevant.
The PS4 Pro was released in November 2016 and is a high-end version of the standard console. The extra horsepower allows for improved performance with 4K resolution and higher frame rates, as well as HDR support.

Sony has not yet divulged how many units the PS4 Pro has sold, but has said that one in every five PS4s has been the high-end version.

Interestingly, despite the added horsepower, Bungie has claimed PS4 Pro is not powerful enough to run Destiny 2 at 60fps.
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